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Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Wedding Catering Service

A wedding is the most memorable day of your life, and you want to make sure that every element is as memorable as possible. One of the ways to make sure every guest is happy is to serve good food. However, everyone who has ever tried to cater an event knows that this is no easy feat.

Tending to every single one of your guests and making sure that they’re all happy is not simple, and that’s why you’ll need the help of a professional catering service. To help you find a caterer that can help make the event go by smoothly, we have come up with this comprehensive guide to wedding catering.

Here are the questions to ask yourself when hiring a wedding catering service:

“What’s my budget?”
There are many different types of catering services in the market at various price points. Sure, the cheap ones have a higher margin of error compared to expensive ones, but that doesn’t mean that they must be bad.

You have to do some digging to find out about all you can about their business — read online reviews, look at their pricing, and peek at their portfolio. These things will help you to have a better idea of what that catering service is about and what you can expect of them. This way, you can choose one that’s the best fit for your event and budget.

“What can the venue recommend me?”
Wedding venues usually have their own rules and regulations, so you have to make sure that the catering service you’re working with can comply to them. If you haven’t made up your mind about which catering service you should go for, you can ask the venue manager about which service has worked there before.

It’s easier to work with a caterer that the manager knows personally, as that means that the communication between the two parties will go smoothly and expectations will already be clear in everyone’s minds. Regardless of this, it’s still a good idea to leave a memo with the caterer so that they know the ground rules beforehand.

“Who are my candidates and what is their pricing?”
It’s usually not the best idea to go for the cheapest service, nor is it a good one to always go for the most expensive. You have to compile a list of candidates and get multiple proposals so that you have some choices to choose from.

This list will help you to have a better idea of which service is the best fit for your wedding theme, venue regulations, and budget. It’s also a good idea to give the catering service a call to see how they treat their clients and how they answer your inquiries. You can use this information to gauge whether the catering service is the best fit for your event.

“Do I need to provide the tables?”
Some venues provide tables, chairs, linen, plates, and cutlery, while others don’t. If your venue doesn’t have them, you have to make sure that your caterers do. After all, nobody wants to show up on their wedding day only to find that there are no tables. As a side note, you may want to ask them about the additional fees for these services so that you can compare whether or not you should rent them from somewhere else.

“Which one do I choose?”
Once you have talked to enough candidates, you will start to have some ideas about which caterers you would like to work with most. It’s a good idea to set up a tasting for the final three or four candidates to have a better picture of who makes the best style of food you’re going for. This is going to cost you a few extra bucks, but to guarantee that you’re getting the service you’re after, it’s worth it.

You have to remember that every catering service has their own specialty, and these dishes will be the centerpieces of the wedding dinner. You want to make sure that there’s a wide variety of food choices to cater to all sorts of diets. For example, if the bride’s family is vegan, the catering service should accommodate them with vegan dishes.

It’s a good idea to have the tasting done months in advance so that you can finalize your decision within the same time frame. This way, the catering service has plenty of time to prepare themselves for your event. This can ensure better quality service and food, as the staff will have had time to practice and perfect the recipes.

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