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Visual Presentation – Why it is Important For Your Next Event

When we talk about catering services, many people will say the taste is the top priority, and any other aspects are secondary. The truth is that the way the food is visually presented is equally, if not more important than the taste of the food itself.

Think about it. When was the last time you’ve ever seen a poorly presented dish from a top-tier catering service? Chances are that’s never happened while the tastes may fluctuate for each caterer. This proves our point that for catering services, the presentation is of utmost importance.

Why is a visual appeal so important?

People are driven by looks more than anything else. We judge everything based on how it looks, as that’s typically the first piece of information we have about anything we come across. When it comes to food, we judge it based on the look, smell, and taste, but the very first thing that we can really perceive is how the dish looks.

This is why food that’s made into unappealing shapes are so off-putting, regardless of its taste. Imagine having to eat a neon-blue pizza that everybody says tastes just like a normal pizza. We would bet that most people don’t find the blue pizza very appetizing. The same principle applies to any dish out there, but probably not on the same scale as fluorescent baked goods.

How does that translate to a catering service?

People associate taste with food that looks a certain way. If your dish doesn’t look appealing, the guests will most likely say that the food doesn’t taste good, even if it’s actually one of the best dishes you will ever find. It’s simple psychology, really.

We unconsciously let our first impression, perception, and judgment dictate how we feel about something, and this perception is very hard to get rid of. Usually, we aren’t keen on giving second chances, especially for things that don’t matter too much. That’s why catering services have to make sure that their food looks the best so that they don’t have to beg for second chances.

How does the visual appeal add value to the event or venue?

It’s hard to make people remember your service, but by making a memorable presentation to your centerpiece of a dish, you will help to bump up the value of your meal by a mile. For example, say you attend a gathering where the food choices consist of boring finger foods and mediocre drink choices.

The food may be incredible, but that’s all that they’re going to remember. If you have a chocolate fondue fountain in the middle of the venue where every guest can dip their dessert into, that holds a lot more weight than a dish that just tastes good.

So which is more important?

As mentioned, we wouldn’t say that the visual appeal should take priority over everything else about the catering, but it’s just as important as the taste. A bad meal is a bad meal, and there’s no excuse for that, no matter how good your dishes look.

That being said, visual appeal is important. After all, people eat with their eyes first. It’s usually best to find a fine balance between aesthetics and taste.

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