Guidelines to Follow When Handling the Catering of a Corporate Event

If you are planning to host a corporate event, you need to take good care of quite a number of things to ensure that your event is a successful one. While the venue, design, and music are important, the most crucial component of any event is the food. When at events, bonding moments usually go hand-in-hand with food. You need to ensure the right drinks and a tasty meal is served on time. And for that, you need a catering service that can meet all your requirements. To select one, consider their certifications, references, taste samples of their work, and of course, proven abilities. Remember that to make your event the one that people can remember for years to come, you’ve got to get the food right. The following are a few guidelines to make your job a little easier:

Plan Well

The two things that determine the kind of food your caterer can serve to your guests are the season and the location. For instance, dishes with strong flavour are perfect for winters, while summer calls for a light and refreshing menu. Similarly, a barbecue is not ideal for a formal event, and bar stools are not welcome in a party that has senior citizens at guests. A good catering company will ask you about the venue where you intend to hold your corporate event. Only then will they suggest the kind of food that will be suitable for the event. Many venues also have a preferred caterer, which may be a great help to you since they already know the rules to follow. Most importantly, these people will come with an established network of suppliers. If you have ideas of your own that you wish to introduce, discuss them with the catering service. Be precise, because only then your caterer can deliver accurately. Also be informed on how, when, and where the food is prepared.  Do they clean up after? These are all questions for the business. For instance, you need to know whether it will be cooked beforehand, or left in chafing dishes to stay warm. Don’t forget to taste the food before finalising a caterer. Select the firm only if you like the food yourself.

Pay Attention To Special Needs

Not everyone enjoys the same food, and in today’s world, where people are extremely health conscious, you might need to take into consideration special dietary needs. There could also be sudden emergencies which could lead to alterations. Speak to your caterer if they are willing to consider these situations. A good catering firm usually does. You should also have the contact number or the manager handy so that you can stay in touch and always know what is going on during the progression of the event.

Know The Food Preference of the Guests

To have a successful party, you should be happy when the guests are happy. While the venue, decorations, and gifts definitely add to the happiness, the food is the primary element. And to ensure that the guests enjoy their food, you should know their preferences. While invitations contain the checkbox for attendees to choose their dish by default, when organising an event for your company, you can send a circular email as an invitation and ask the guests to check the box with the meal they prefer. This helps you reach every employee who will be at the party and also inform you about what they prefer to eat.

Wrapping up

Follow these guidelines strictly in order to have a successful corporate event. A quick recap of what we listed so far: (1) check the background and the reference list of the catering firm, (2) discuss your preferences, (3) consider the season and venue, carefully select the menu, (4) taste the food, (5) have the contact number of the event manager, and lastly but most importantly, (6) keep your guests happy and ensure they have a good time. A successful corporate event can rank you higher in the corporate circles, so give it your best shot!

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What Type Of Catering Options Are There For Your Event?

Whether you’re hosting an international business convention or an intimate wedding reception, if there’s food involved, it’s best that you hire a reputable catering company. The professionals who work at one are more than capable at helping you plan out the right spread for the type of event you’re hosting. They’ll also shop, cook, and prepare it all as well as serve your guests. It doesn’t stop there – they’ll also clean up so that you don’t have to! Wondering about the type of events where you may want to hire a professional caterer? Take a look down below!

Wedding Reception

A wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Special days like this deserve a special meal. One of the most important parts of every event is the food. Impress your guests by including catering especially designed for weddings with multiple course meals, sides, and elegant personalized desserts. You are the master of this event, so you get to decide and pick everything that will be on the spread. Whether you want a formal dinner or a casual cocktail reception where everybody can feast on finger foods as they walk around, a great catering company is more than happy to deliver.

Cocktail Reception

Catering for a cocktail reception means small, bite-sized foods that will satisfy your guests while they drink a few signature cocktails. Hors-d’oeuvres can be made in bulk while you will want to hire an excellent bartender to tend to guests as they snack and chat. Cocktail parties are not catered by all companies, but there are some that will do them; do your research and look for a company that does them well. If you want servers to walk among the crowd and offer people delicate cucumber sandwiches and crab cakes, look for a catering company that can provide that service as well.

The Buffet

Everyone loves an all-you-can-eat buffet spread. You get the change to pick what you want, serve yourself as much as you want, and then go back for more! Also, who doesn’t love having a wide range of dessert options? For the event host, a buffet can cater to the picky eaters, the big eaters, and any other type of issue that comes with food at events because you can lay out all the options, and guests will find their way around. You will need a space for this layout, but it will be well worth it when you know there will be options for everyone. Most buffets are also self-serving, which will save you on having to hire servers.

Corporate Events

Corporate events can be underrated but can be fun. With sandwiches and snack foods, what’s not to love? Your even could be elevated with a catering company to help prepare, set up and clean afterwards. Corporate catering events are typically held at lunch and are designed to hold your guests over before a long meeting.

Office Catering

Office catering has become a bit of a trend. It is an excellent way to treat your hard-working staff and will promote employee happiness. Regardless of if you’re celebrating something special or just want to surprise your employees, look for an amazing catering company to help you make it a memorable event!

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