Finger Food Platter Ideas

Are you looking for some innovative ideas for your Perth finger food platters? Then you’ve come to the right place! We have all sorts of ideas that are compelling yet straightforward to make for your next event. Whether it’s a small get together or hosting a party, we’ve got the right selection of options you can choose from.

Preparing a cheese platter is probably one of the most comfortable finger food platters you can make. Yet, it can be the most impressive platter at the same time. Many party hosts can make the mistake of providing only one type of cheese. This is your opportunity to become really inventive by adding different varieties of cheese. Here you can have anything from camembert to red Leicester, and halloumi to feta cheese. Plenty of options are at your disposal.
You can also become inventive with cheese. A wedge of cheese with a stylish knife on a wooden board can already have a trendy shabby chic effect to it. However, you can also go the extra mile and create goats cheese skewers, making it even easier for your guests to nibble on. Cheese is especially significant if you are to be serving red wine as the two delicacies complement each other incredibly well.

This is one you might not have been expecting to see. Although meatballs aren’t the most sophisticated option you can go for, it is by far one of the most popular ones eaten at gatherings and events. This option also comes very easy to prepare as you can produce them well ahead of time. Being small and delicious makes them the perfect choice for finger food. Meatballs also allow you to become adventurous with a variety of options. You can produce spicy, Mexican or even Greek meatballs! Combine these with a creamy flavoursome tomato sauce, and you’ll have your guests pouncing at the finger food platter.

If you’re looking to keep things healthy, why not go for a fruit platter? A finger fruit platter can be one of the easiest on the eye platters by being filled with its wide range of colour and natural appeal. This is especially great for the summer months as it’s a great way of allowing your guests to indulge in hearty foods. You can become creative with this too by adding sides such as yogurt, honey and even granola!

Every party needs a selection of dips; and a variety of dips too. Dips can allow even the blandest foods become exciting such as crisps, bread, celery etc. Not only that, it’s one of the easiest platters you can make. Simply scoop good portions out into relatively small bowls and put them out for guests to try out. Consider using popular dips such as, sweet chilli, sour cream, chive etc. to really allow your guests to enjoy your platter. If you’re feeling brave, you can also have a go at different recipes and producing your own dips.

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