$15.75 per head – 7 portions per person – choose 7 selections
$18.00 per head – 8 portions per person – choose 8 selections
$20.25 per head – 9 portions per person – choose 9 selections
$22.50 per head – 10 portions per person – choose 10 selections
$24.75 per head – 11 portions per person – choose 11 selections
$27.00 per head – 12 portions per person – choose 12 selections
$29.25 per head – 13 portions per person – choose 13 selections


Assorted finger or triangle sandwiches (v fillings included)
Selection of sushi rolls served with soy sauce (gf & v included)
Marinated prawn skewers (gf)
Caramelized onion served on toast wedges with brie cheese (v)
Vietnamese rice paper rolls served with Japanese sauce (gf & v)
Corn fritta topped with smoked Atlantic salmon yogurt & dill (gf)
Toasted Turkish bread served with hommus and tapenade (v)
Fresh Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto (gf)
Italian bruschetta (v)
Potato & capsicum frittata (gf & v)
Zucchini & bacon slice (gf)
Rockmelon & prosciutto (gf)
Profiteroles filled with cheese curd flavoured with garlic chives parsley (v)
Turkey brie & cranberry served on rye
Smoked Atlantic salmon crème cheese canapes
Rare roast beef and horseradish canapes
Prawn and avocado canapés
Chef’s selection of canapés (v included)
Brie & asparagus canapés (v)
Profiteroles dipped in chocolate & filled with homemade custard
Mini cup cakes
Assorted sliced cake profiteroles & cupcakes


Marinated lamb skewers (gf)
Handmade beef & Guinness mini pies served with dipping sauce
Pan fried fish served with tartare sauce (gf)
Marinated prawn & chorizo skewers (gf)
Thai chilli beef meatballs
Satay chicken OR honey mustard chicken skewers (gf)
Selection of handmade savoury tarts (v fillings included)
Crumbed prawn cutlets served with seafood dipping sauce
Asian spring rolls served with mild chilli dipping sauce (v)
Handmade thai chicken curry tartlets
Salt & pepper squid served with seafood dipping sauce
Samosas served with mild chilli dipping sauce (v)
Handmade mini sausage rolls served with tomato sauce
Vol-au-vents piped with mixed fillings (v included)
Pan fried chicken breast served with aioli (gf)
Assorted seafood sampler served with various dipping sauces
Marinated beef skewers (gf)
Handmade coriander chicken balls served with aioli (gf)
Marinated prawn skewers (gf)
Mixed asian finger food served with mild chilli dipping sauce (v included)
Handmade curried sweet potato & bacon mini pies


Savoury platters - $65 each
(dips, vegetables, cubed cheese, cabana and crackers)
Antipasto platters - $78.00 each
Fresh sliced fruit platters - $78.00 each

Wait Staff - $120.00 each (4 hour period) 1 Wait Staff per 35/40 guests
If extra travel is involved a surcharge may apply on the Staff
Delivery only – Our Consultants will advise on delivery fee

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