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Tips For A Successful Event With Catering

If you are hosting an event, you don’t want to leave your guests disappointed when they find that the quality of your foods is less than satisfactory. To make sure that your catering game is as strong as it can be, you need to know the right things to do and to avoid. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when catering for your next event:



Know the Number


First of all, the most important part of hosting an event that you need to get right is ensuring that you know the number of guests. This is to make sure that you have enough foods prepared for everyone. Nothing is worse than leaving your guests hungry after the event wraps up. Also, be careful not to go overboard. You don’t want to waste your money on food if there aren’t going to be enough attendees to finish it.

Be Inclusive


Another important thing to remember is the dietary needs of your guests. Because it’s unlikely that you will be informed beforehand how many vegans or vegetarians there are among your guests, it’s better to always include options for everyone, including meat eaters, vegetarians, vegans, and people with specific requirements. Making sure that everyone feels included should be on top of your priority list.


Go For Seasonal Selections


It’s always a good idea to throw some seasonal options on your catering menu. This will ensure the freshness of your foods as well as low the cost.

Support the Locals


Along the same line, getting your ingredients from a local shop can be an excellent way to give back to the community.

Have an Appropriate Menu


Make sure that your menu is appropriate to the time and place of the event. Not everyone wants to have pancakes and slices of bacon late in the evening. Also, you need to take into consideration the type of venue you’re hosting. If you’re catering a buffet, you will want to make sure that your venue has enough space for your guests to move around freely as well as appropriate tables to put their plates on. On the contrary, if you’re having a cocktail party where your guests will be mingling and walking around, finger foods might be your best choice.


Sufficient Staffs


You have to make sure that there is enough staff on duty to serve your guests. Moreover, make sure you hire competent staff members who are polite and well-mannered in order to make your guests feel welcome and comfortable during the event.



Spoiled Foods


Do not ever leave food outside of the fridge. The food will need to be prepared before the scheduled time of the event, and you don’t want everything to go bad before the MC even opens the event! Avoid hearing multiple complaints of food poisoning the day after your event by ensuring that everything you serve is fresh.

Overwhelming Your Guests


You should send out the food at appropriate intervals to allow people time to savor each plate. It can be quite overwhelming for your guests if they are being bombarded by all of the dishes at once.

Bad Timing


Even though you need to cook and get everything out in time for the event, you don’t want to cook the food earlier than necessary. This is particularly true for hot foods, such as soup, that should be served hot. Having your foods prepared too early can turn even the greatest quality food into something unpleasant.

Cluttered Space


To keep the area clean and sightly, you should always have your staff clear out empty food trays and glasses throughout the event. Your guests should be able to move around without having to worry about which glass of wine is theirs.

Improper Staffs


Again, having great waiters and waitresses are essential if you want to host a successful event. To keep it professional, your staff should only be there to serve the foods and drinks, and nothing else. Most importantly, they need to know how to treat guests with respect.

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