Experience the art of gastronomy with our Carvery Rolls.
Indulge in savory perfection as our expertly crafted rolls bring a symphony of flavors to your event.

30-49 guests – $14.10 per head
50-60 guests – $13.60 per head
61–100 guests – $13.10 per head
101-160 guests – $12.10 per head
161-200 guests – $11.10 per head
Over 200 guests – $10.10 per head

Roast beef
Roast pork (crackling included)
Gravy and apple sauce (gf gravy can be provided)
Large rolls – approximately 1 ½ rolls per person
You can do a % of large & small rolls (2 small rolls = 1 large roll)

Salads and hot jacket potatoes can be added to this menu for an additional cost per head


Disposable small plates and serviettes

STAFF – $150.00 each

If there is extra travel involved a surcharge may apply on the Staff
Delivery only – Our consultants will advise on delivery fee
Please contact our office to discuss your staffing requirements

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