Whether for a work party, a family reunion, or just an excuse to hold a gathering, BBQ party is always a great idea. It is a crowd-pleasing cuisine that is easy for everyone to get behind. The Elegant Touch Catering is popularly known for providing the best  BBQ party services throughout Perth. People from all over Perth have hired Elegant Touch to cater their events with mouth-watering BBQ menus.

With a wide variety of menu choices and differing levels of service involvement, Elegant Touch BBQ Catering is an adaptable service that can be customized to fit any event. The base cost of our BBQ catering in Perth starts for the amount of $29.70 per head, there are extra services that can be added onto the basic catering package to make each catering experience unique and perfect.

BBQ Catering Menu

Porterhouse steak
Marinated chicken fillets
Beef sausages (we can supply chicken or pork)
Vegetable kebabs
Grilled onion
Vegetarian patties can be supplied for vegetarians
A selection of condiments


Hot jacket potatoes served with sour cream
Caesar salad with crispy bacon
Creamy pasta salad
Leafy garden salad
Traditional Greek salad
Summer rice salad
Potato & egg salad

Dinner rolls & butter portions are provided


Choose 2 or 3 of the following (guests can choose 1 dessert)

Pavlova topped with fruit (gf)
Apple crumble served with custard and cream (gf can be made)
Sticky date pudding served with caramel
Fresh fruit salad served with cream
Lemon meringue pie served with cream
Profiteroles dipped in chocolate filled with homemade custard
Mousse served with cream (gf) Chocolate, Strawberry or Mango
Christmas pudding served with brandy custard and cream (Christmas functions only)


Disposable plates, cutlery and serviettes
Plastic white tablecloth for the buffet table


$2.00 per head (washing of dishes is included)


Please contact our office to discuss your staffing requirements

Chef $150.00
Wait staff $120.00 each
If there is extra travel involved a surcharge may apply on the staff
Delivery only - Our consultants will advise on delivery fee


The Food


Hands down the food options (and recipes) are the most lauded part of the BBQ selection at Elegant Touch Catering. With a huge variety of food—both for meat-eaters and vegetarians—everyone in the office, family, or friend group will have an easy time finding something delicious to eat and enjoy. With delicious food options, catering with Elegant Touch Catering BBQ catering in Perth is easy and fun.


The standard food package comes with several choices for the main course, a choice of 5 sides, dinner rolls and butter, and complimentary cutlery. Some of the options for the main course are:

  • Porterhouse steak
  • Marinated chicken
  • Veggie kebabs
  • Sausage
  • Grilled onion
  • And veggie patties


Our selection allows a wide range of choices for those who are particular about the meats they prefer, or even those who don’t eat meat but still enjoy BBQ.


The sides available range between everything from jacket potatoes, to a wide variety of salads, to coleslaw. With the option to select 5 of the sides, it allows customers to get a chance to taste and enjoy a huge variety of what Elegant Touch Catering has to offer.


Another awesome option is the choice to add on a selection of 2 or 3 desserts for only an additional $4 per person! The wide selection of desserts at Elegant Touch BBQ Catering in Perth are delicious and varied—with gluten free options available. For everything from mousse to Christmas pudding during the holidays, there is a dessert option for everyone to enjoy.


Additional Services


There are also some services that can be added onto the standard BBQ catering to make the event all the more special. For example, customers who are looking for an eco-friendly approach to catering can also use plates, bowls, and stainless steel cutlery (washing of which is included) for an extra $2 per head.


There is also the option to have a wait staff and chef for an extra charge if the event requires that.



For any special event in Perth and the surrounding area, BBQ catering is a great idea. It is adaptable to different event situations and is always a crowd-pleaser. Elegant Touch Catering is a great option for BBQ catering in Perth because of the adaptability of the catering and the quality of the food. Contact us today for more information!


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